Scoring Runs & Winning Games!


Tired of striking out? Are you ready to win?

Are you worn-out living an unfulfilled, defeated life, or getting beat in a particular troubling area? Exhausted at getting called out on the same play in life, time and time again? Perhaps it’s a rocky marriage. Maybe it’s financial problems or struggling with bad habits that steal your hope. Or just maybe you’re ready to explore the possibilities your potential holds.

This is a book about moving forward in the game of life. It’s about learning and understanding the progression required for successful results–in a fun and entertaining way by using baseball as an allegory for understanding biblical principles. Scoring Runs and Winning Games provides a blueprint for living a successful and abundant life. It’s about swinging for the fences and hitting life’s pitches in a powerful and impactful way.

Written by a business executive and minister, who hates losing and enjoys winning, this book takes you on a journey down a road towards real success.

“Scoring Runs & Winning Games is a must read if you are looking for the practical know-how to become a power hitter in every role of your life. Thank you Fred, for using the easy-to understand language of America’s favorite sport to share with us step-by-step how to live a genuinely difference-making life of true significance and achieve success that matters and lasts. You’ve taken the key truths of the greatest success manual ever written (The Bible) and presented them in a way that ordinary folks like me can apply them to live uncommonly.” Cecil O. Kemp Jr., Business Owner and Award-winning Author of 7 Laws of True Prosperity

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