About Us

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We were stuck…broken…miserable…and had no idea how to breakout. We desperately needed a breakthrough but didn’t know how to get one. We tried repeatedly, only to experience the spin-cycle of wrong thinking and toxic emotions. We had no real vision for our marriage nor our lives. False masks of happiness and joy were the norm. Facades of success were the lie.

We had tried self-help “solutions”–didn’t work. We went to church and served (more to convince ourselves and other we were fine). We were deceived.  The problem with deception is you don’t know what you don’t know.

On Halloween of 2005, after 13 years of trying to fix each other, we finally called it “quit,” separated and filed for divorce. We were sick and tired of living a lie, appearing to be successful on the exterior and broken on the interior. While others we dressing up and putting on masks that day, we finally took ours off.

Coming to the end ourselves, we sought to know God intimately and allow His Word to change our thoughts and impact our lives. We finally got “real” and chose to end the madness of wrong thinking and unbelief, and true change began. As we turned to know God, He changed our hearts towards each other, and we reconciled after five months.

True authentic growth and success requires a plan and a process. To that extent, Fred resigned from his corporate career and we relocated our family to Colorado Springs, CO to attend Bible college. We committed ourselves to the study of God’s Word to discover our vision, purpose and the plan and process required for lasting success.

Upon graduating, we moved back to Grand Rapids, MI. Fred reentered the business world and we began to teach others what we discovered and were living.

We are passionate about teaching others how to breakout of destructive mindsets and erroneous thinking. We love helping others breakthrough to greater heights of meaningful success in every area of their lives.