Get Up!

blank_warning_sign_pageResignation in the soul is a killer.  It kills dreams, passions, desires, and purpose.  It occurs when one quits.  It happens when one falls down and fails to get up.  It occurs when the emotion of disappointment exceeds determination.  It’s sad.  It’s horrible, and it affects people you influence and those you’ve been called to influence for good.

Resignation is really only good for one thing:  to move on from one endeavor you’ve been led and called to another.  All too often the resignation I’m writing about is one of falling down and then staying down—quitting.  This kind starts in our soul, enters our heart and eventually is carried out in our daily life.

No dream, good or great, is going to be easy to attain.  The greatest ones—those that call us to go beyond ourselves are difficult, hard, and require an attitude of determination.  It will require blood, sweat, and tears.  You supply the sweat and the tears by stepping out in faith and putting your hand to it and Jesus supplies the blood and the power to persevere and triumph.  God’s Grace plus your faith.  It’s a winning combination—even when you fall down.  That is, so long as you “get up”.

In scripture it says that a righteous man “may fall seven times, and rise again.” (Proverbs 24:16).  Is that you?  Have you been there?  I have…and many times.  Notice the Scripture says, “may” fall and rise again.  It doesn’t say they “will” rise again.  Guess what—It’s optional!  Getting up—dusting off the dirt and climbing back on the horse is a choice.

It’s my opinion that all too many Christians have resigned.  Far too have many given up;  quit on their dreams.  I believe it’s time to get up!  It’s time for us as the family of God to help one another get off the ground.  If someone has a dream, help foster it.  If someone has a gift—call it out.  Build each other up and let’s become affective together…because that’s when we are at His best and how we are supposed to live.

Furthermore, I want to address the “righteousness” spoken about in Proverbs 24 which causes one to choose to get up.  If it’s self-righteousness, it’s likely rooted in personal performance and the sting of self-failure will often preclude one from getting up—especially multiple times. However, when that righteousness is Faith-Righteousness in the finished work of Jesus Christ, then it isn’t about our performance—it’s about His performance and ministry, and that purpose alone causes us to raise time after time.

A man that walks in Faith-Righteousness doesn’t focus on the fall—he focuses on the mission and the purpose.  And that my friend is the difference.

If you’ve fallen down—get up, get going, and do what He’s called you to do.  He’s got so much to show you and people to bless through you.

Fred Snyder