From a Mess to a Miracle Workshop

Taught at Resurrection Life Church, Grandville, MI

Too often we think that our faith is not working and no matter how hard we try, it appears our situation will never change. Our emotions and thoughts become toxic rooted in fear and doubt. These negative thoughts paint a skewed picture within our hearts, which result in hopelessness, despair and a dread for the future.  However, there is hope for any situation. God is the Redeemer and with Him, all things are possible for those who believe.

Lori shares her testimony of how her life was transformed through an intimate relationship with the Lord and teaches on the process of establishing your heart in the truth of God’s Word.  Each of the audios are about 30 minutes.

Audio Introduction to the Workshop / Lori’s Testimony (15 minutes)

Part 1 audio

Part 2 audio

Part 3 audio

Handout given during #3 class on SpiritSoulBody

Part 4 audio