Fred’s New Book – Now Available!!!

We are excited to announce the release of Fred’s new book, Scoring Runs & Winning Games! scoringrunsstanding-medium-size

Tired of striking out?

Are you ready to win?

Are you worn-out living an unfulfilled, defeated life, or getting beat in a particular troubling area? Exhausted at getting called out on the same play in life, time and time again?

Perhaps it’s a rocky marriage. Maybe it’s financial problems or struggling with bad habits that steal your hope. Or just maybe you’re ready to explore the possibilities your potential holds.

This is a book about moving forward in the game of life. It’s about learning and understanding the progression required for successful results—in a fun and entertaining way by using baseball as an allegory for understanding biblical principles.

Most people may know what they want their lives to look like, yet very few understand how to achieve it. Author Fred Snyder takes one on a journey of discovery from the head to the heart, to gain knowledge, understanding and wisdom in order to overcome life’s obstacles and achieve that desired life.

This is a Game Changer and will be available soon!

“Scoring Runs & Winning Games is a must read if you are looking for the practical know-how to become a power hitter in every role of your life. Thank you Fred, for using the easy-to understand language of America’s favorite sport to share with us step-by-step how to live a genuinely difference-making life of true significance and achieve success that matters and lasts. You’ve taken the key truths of the greatest success manual ever written (The Bible) and presented them in a way that ordinary folks like me can apply them to live uncommonly.” Cecil O. Kemp Jr., Business Owner and Award-winning Author of 7 Laws of True Prosperity

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