Becoming! Who God Created You To Be!

becoming-sliderGod’s Plan & Purpose For Your Life

I have noticed that so many people have become complacent with their lives, and have “settled” with the attitude of, “Well, I guess this is my life—I just have to ‘deal’ with it.” ~Lost or resigned are the dreams they once held deep in their heart.

Whether it’s been people coming against them, disappointments, hardships, unrealistic expectations, and/or just being conditioned to accept the “status quo,” they have allowed those dreams to die.

Yet, others may still have dreams, but those seem so unreachable, so they live with a sense of despair or dread towards their future. They have lost hope for anything extraordinary.

Moreover, there are others who just don’t know how to live any other way. They have been influenced or conditioned to settle for less than what God has provided, and just take what “life” has handed them.

The good news is, God has great purpose and plans for us–far more than what we are currently experiencing. No matter one’s age, it’s time to be awakened to those and no longer settle for anything less than God’s Best!

The Lord has strongly put on my heart to encourage and stir people up–to show them how to cooperate with God, and help them step in to all that He has for them and live they life they truly desire.

I will be teaching a three-week workshop called, “Becoming! Who God Called You To Be!” beginning February 26th, 2015 at Resurrection Life Church, in Grandville, MI. Click here for the link to get the details.

If you are not able to attend these workshops, I will be posting them on our website when the become available.

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